sound designer

Andrew Peat is married and the father of two wonderful daughters. He has spent half of his life in Greater China and the other half in America. The thrill of imagining a character, a plot, and illustrating it engaged Andrew's mind since he was a child in elementary school so much so, that he reached a firm resolution to become a writer when he was 11-years-old. 


In 1994, Andrew moved to the tiny Penghu Island of Taiwan where he started a language school and wrote several books for the ESL market. Unable to relinquish the creative bent, Andrew made a mid-life change-of-course and spent three years at the USC School of Cinematic Arts pursuing his MFA in Film and Television Production, concentrating on screenwriting and sound. While at USC, he worked on various student films and became a teacher's assistant which enabled him to shepherd undergraduate and graduate students interested in learning sound. 


Andrew's dream is to make movies that combine experiences of interaction and connection to others with instances of love and tragedy, all while offering viewers moments of awe, joy, and inspiration. 

Student produced at the University of Southern California - School of Cinematic Arts.