Music Release - Para Ellos Original Score

updated November 30, 2014


As the year comes to a end, we, too, get closer to finishing Para Ellos. Today, we are excited to share the release of 'Magical Flight,' a piece composed by our amazing film composer, Jongnic Bontemps. 'Magical Flight' was recorded this past April in Glendale, CA with an amazing 36-piece orchestra. It took a few months for the piece to be written and orchestrated for the film. However, hearing 'Magical Flight' performed and recorded live right before us was unreal, almost as if we were hearing for the first time; we can't lie, we shed a few tears.


Click HERE to visit the page for 'Magical Flight.' Enjoy! 

Skywalker Sound - Sound Mix

updated August 24, 2014


We would like to thank Skywalker Sound for allowing us the oppurtunity to mix Para Ellos at their amazing facility and for welcoming us to their home at Skywalker Ranch in Northern California. 


This past week, we had the privledge of working with our good friend and collaborater Kimberly Patrick, who mixed and, ultimately, advanced the quality of our film's soundtrack to a level we didn't even think we could reach; Kim, as we call her, was the supervising sound editor on our 2013 Subway web series, Herman.


Together, we had such an amazing and rewarding experience bringing the sounds of the Texas deserts and markets of Mexico to life. After three days of intensive work, Para Ellos sounds stunning, and that's just the first pass! We will be traveling back to Skywalker Sound later this fall to add the final touches to the soundtrack and complete the mix. 


  • Winner of the 2013 Student Film Project Grant, funded in part by the San Antonio Film Commission and the San Antonio Department for Culture and Creative Development. (2013)


  • Supported by a grant from the Sundance Institute Film Music Program, with additional support from the Sundance Institute/Time Warner Foundation Fellowship Program. (2014)


  • Recipient of the Irving Lerner Endowment Fund. (2014)

Student produced at the University of Southern California - School of Cinematic Arts.